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The stories behind the images
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Sunday, December 18, 2011

camera maintenance - top tips from guest blogger anderson camera repairs

Mark Meier, Manager at Anderson Camera Repairs, Brisbane, gives us his top tips for camera maintenance:

1. When not in use, keep zooms retracted.
Not like this:

Like this:
2. Don’t put lens caps, rear caps, and body caps in pockets as the lint will stick to the cap then transfer to the lens or camera

3. Keep memory cards in protective cases not in bottom of camera case or pockets. Dust or grit can cause damage to card and also damage to pin assembly in camera.

4. Keep camera cases and lens pouches dust free vacuum on regular basis

5. Keep lens contacts (below, silver dots on lens) and body contacts clean with a soft cloth. You will know if they needcleaning when F— or F ee is displayed on the LCD it means there is bad connection between body and lens. When cleaning the body contacts care must be taken not to touch the mirror or focus screen. In some cases the contacts will need to be replaced by a service center.

6. Keep the cameras firmware up to date. Firmware is the operating instructions that your camera follows to work correctly. Sometimes the manufacturer will update the firmware for the camera to improve its operation. You can download this from their web site, but you must follow the download instructions or damage can be caused to the main circuit eprom.

7. Keep the flash hot shoe terminals and the steel slide rail where the flash mounts to clean. Use a pencil eraser which is mildly abrasive to polish the silver contacts. Also the terminals on the flash will need cleaning occasionally.

8. If cleaning the CCD yourself always make sure you have a fully charged battery or are using the AC adapter. Use the facility in the menu of the camera that will allow sensor cleaning, don’t use the Bulb mode. Follow the cleaning products instructions or you will risk damage to the low pass filter which protects the CCD unit. To replace a damaged filter is expensive. Preferably bring the camera to a service center for professional cleaning.

Mark and the team at Anderson's can be contacted on, or on +61 7 3245 6444.

Happy Shooting, from Lisa and Dianne at Capture Italy